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coverCrossing the Unknown Sea : Work As a a Pilgrimage of Identity

I came across this book in the New Books section of my local library and the title intrigued me enough to take it home. I am always looking for books on work as I write a weekly high-tech careers column.

Whyte's style can be a bit "grand" at times, one of the hazards of a poet writing prose, but there are some very important ideas to be found here. Several times I found myself pausing suddenly to contemplate a line I had just read that effected me deeply. This book needs to be taken in small doses, allowing time to ruminate and absorb what you read.

If you are looking for a book with a unique take on the nature of work in the 21st Century, you would be well-served to pick this one.

The Gigs Handbook: A Beginner's Guide to Playing Professionally

While it might seem an odd choice to recommend for high-tech careerists, "The Gigs Handbook" contains some excellent advice for anyone acting as an independent contractor, both in the music industry or high-tech.

As both an amateur musician and high-tech worker, this book works on all levels. I have learned a lot about how to arrange bookings and set up my repertoire, but I also see many parallels between life as a gigging musician and working as an independent high-tech contractor. The rules about building your business, how to follow-up and how to use contracts will benefit everyone.

Black uses 4 different prototype musicians so that she can offer suggestions depending on your current level of skills and what goals you are trying to accomplish. One musician is just beginning their music career while others are more established. Black then works through some of the more common problems and how to avoid them, or, at least, reduce their impact.

coverDon't sent a resume ...and other contrarian rules to help you land a great job

This is the book about job hunting that I would have written myself, had not Fox beaten me to it. I highly recommend this book and have written about similar tactics in my Career Opportunities columns ( over the last 4 years.

The world of work has changed drastically over the last decade and this calls for new tactics in getting your first job or your next job.

According to Fox, it all comes down to selling yourself to your future employer. It matters little what you want out of job or a career. What matters most is how you fulfill the needs of the hiring company. Of course, you should be trying to fulfill your work need, but the person interviewing cares little or nothing about your needs and only about their own. A hard fact to face, perhaps, but an extremely important one.

Fox goes on to give hard examples of how to use letters, not a resume to gain an interview, how to prepare for that interview and how to do everything possible to get the job you want.

While I am sure that some human resource people and corporate management will take issue with some of Fox's advice, as they have with my columns about resumes. This is because Fox's tactics seem to make their job more difficult. HR staff can no longer winnow large amounts of resumes down to a select few quickly and easily. What they don't realize is that if all candidates used these tactics, hiring would be easier and the company would be hiring better people.

Highly Recommended

coverThe Art of Innovation : Lessons in...

An excellent insight on how one company practices innovation in attacking all sorts of business-related problems. IDEO, the focus of the book, was involved in creating the Palm V, the original Apple Mouse and hundreds of other products. Here they share their philosophy of innovation and help you apply it no matter what your work.

coverHow to Become a Rainmaker : The People...

The cold, hard rules in becoming and remaining an exceptional salesperson. Regardless of your role in a company, you are involved in sales in some fashion, whether selling your product to a customer or selling your ideas to your management. Everyone can benefit from the rules set forth in this book.

coverHow to Become a Rainmaker : The Rules...

Audio Version

coverRaving Fans : A Revolutionary Approach...

Despite its sometimes overly cute presentation, there is some great information in this book about how to provide world class customer service that results in Raving Fans instead of just satisfied customers.

coverRaving Fans : A Revolutionary Approach...

Audio Version

Career-Op Collected Columns 1997

A collection of my columns from 1997 collected in an easy-to-read and print Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

This contains 24+ columns in 6 topics.

Electronic Download
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coverThe Project 50 (Reinventing Work): Fifty...

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Design & Identity 50 : Reinventing Work


Power + Action50 : Reinventing Work...

coverReinventing Work : The Work Matters

coverReinventing Work : The Work Matters

coverThe 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

coverSeven Habits of Highly Effective People

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coverThe Mac is not a Typewriter, the

coverBeyond the Mac is not a Typewriter :...

coverWhere Wizards Stay Up Late : The Origins...

coverTcp/Ip Network Administration

cover Microserfs

coverGreat Jobs for Computer Science Majors...

Are you trying to figure out what jobs might fit with your computer science degree?

This book can help you sort out the types of jobs that are available and how your skills match.

Web Pages That Suck : Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design

by Vincent Flanders, Michael Willis

Teaches good web design by "bad" example. Irreverent but extremely effective.

The Non-Designer's Web Book : An Easy Guide to Creating, Designing, and Posting Your Own Web Site

by Robin Williams, John Tollett

Another great book by Robin Williams (no, not the comedian) on the elements of good design, this time for the web.

See also: The Non-Designer's Design Book : Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice

cover The Man Who Listens to Horses

cover The Man Who Listens to Horses (ABRIDGED...

cover Shy Boy : The Horse Who Came in from the...

coverZen and the Art of Making a Living : A...



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