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Date Show/Web Site Title
10/4/07 Podcast and New Media Expo Friends in Tech at the Podcast and New Media Expo 2007 View Video Play Audio
9/23/07 Typical Mac User Live Let’s Talk SoHo with Douglas E. Welch View Video Play Audio
3/24/07 BarCamp LA Podcasting Q&A from BarCampLA-3   Play Audio
3/18/07 A Gardener's Notebook Repairing a damaged drip irrigation line View Video  
3/13/07 SOHO Technology Podcast Douglas talks computer consulting on the SOHO Technology Podcast - Part 2   Play Audio
2/5/07 My Word On Podcasting: A Presentation to the IABC in Los Angeles, California   Play Audio
1/22/07 SOHO Technology Podcast Douglas talks consulting on the SoHo Technology Podcast   Play Audio
11/12/06 BarCamp LA The Why, How and What of Podcasting View Video Play Audio
11/11/06 Red Fence Project Podcasters View Video  

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The Craft and Business of Songwriting by John Braheny, 3rd Edition

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The High-Tech Career Handbook: The Best of Career Opportunities from Computoredge Magazine



Issue Date Publication Title
4/1/07 Podcast User Magazine Profile: Hayden Black, Writer/Producer/Actor, Goodnight Burbank
5/5/05 Valley Scene Magazine Ventura Studio Artists Tour offers "behind-the-scenes" look at studio and homes
5/5/05 Valley Scene Magazine Micro-chipping your pet
12/15/04 Valley Scene Magazine Book Review: The Complete Book of Spirits:Guide to Their History, Production and Enjoyment
04/17/04 Los Angeles Times Outsourced? Don't Fall Into Severence Trap
06/27/95 Los Angeles Times Are we sheep?
12/19/94 Los Angeles Times When bigotry outpaces technology?
04/05/94 Los Angeles Times Platform: Hate

Web Site

Issue Date Publication Title
3/2005 PR: Web site copy
11/18/03 Manage and restore Palm PDA backups with these tips
9/03/03 Keep track of passwords with storage programs for Palm PDAs
08/20/03 Build a career portfolio to highlight your accomplishments
7/22/03 Integrate Macs into a PC environment with built-in OS X tools


Career Opportunities: The High-Tech Career Handbook - ComputorEdge Magazine

July 1997 to present

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National Computer Publications

Issue Date Publication Title
Nov/Dec 97 NetProfits Doing it the Hard(ware) Way
Nov/Dec 97 NetProfits Book Review:The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet
Nov/Dec 97 NetProfits Book Review:Running a Perfect Web Site
8/11/97 Network World Network vigilantes should get out of Dodge
July 97 Electronic Retailing Electronic Commerce Software: Shopping Tips
July 97 Network Magazine Intranet 101
June 97 H.O.T. News Inwave offers expanded floppy technology
June 97 H.O.T. News Interview: Wireless transmitters offer convenience for...
June 97 H.O.T. News Contact Management Software provides a lifeboat...
June 97 H.O.T. News Interview: M&M integrates form & function in home office lines
05/19/97 Network World Getting the most from your hired guns
03/24/97 Network World ICA goes on the prowl for new members
Feb 1997 Office & Computer Journal Linksys ups the speed of Combo LANmodem PC Card
Feb 1997 Office & Computer Journal Test Bench: Apple Network Server 500/700
Feb 1997 Office & Computer Journal Industry Asociations join together to fight toner piracy
Feb 1997 Office & Computer Journal Apple eMate 300 changes Education and maybe even Business
Feb 1997 Office & Computer Journal New leasing plans help streamline sales, boost profits
Feb 1997 Office & Computer Journal SyJet 1.5 GB offers 8 cents/MB storage
Feb 1997 Office & Computer Journal Lexmark MarkVision puts network managers in control of printers
02/01/97 LAN Magazine Servers, People and Panic
01/01/97 Office & Computer Journal Lexmark Continues to Grow in Printer & Supply Market
01/01/97 Office & Computer Journal Interview: Ingram Training Program Makes A Difference for ABI

12/16/96 Network World The positives of performance reviews
12/01/96 Office & Computer Journal Ingram Micro: A Study in Success
12/01/96 Office & Computer Journal Interview: IBM Prepares for Auto-Immune System for Cyberspace
12/01/96 Office & Computer Journal Interview: Hot Technology & Creative Partnerships Spell Success for Philips
10/28/96 Network World Talent Retention starts with you
09/30/96 Network World Fight the support inflation factor
09/01/96 Electronic Retailing Secure Transactions on the Internet
08/19/96 Network World Rip up that paperwork
06/01/96 LAN Magazine Mastering Your Data's Destiny
03/18/96 Network World Communications Decency Act is not the end of on-line world

11/01/95 LAN Magazine The Inside Advantage: Internal Web Servers
10/16/95 Network World 10 Questions to Ask When Renting Web Space
10/01/95 LAN Magazine Cover Story: Remote Access Meets Reality
08/01/95 LAN Magazine Following the paper trail: Documenting your LAN
04/24/95 Network World The FCC drives another nail into ISDN's coffin
04/24/95 Network World Details make all the difference in disaster recovery planning
03/01/95 HSPE Journal Practical Uses of technology in Physical Education

11/01/94 LAN Magazine A room of one's own: Building a network server room
11/01/94 WIRED Dialing up the Stars 2
10/10/94 Infoworld A call to arms
09/26/94 Network World How to make universal in-boxes a reality
09/12/94 Network World Training pays big dividends, and new options make it palatable
08/01/94 Young Scholar Dialing up the Stars
07/25/94 Network World Document?or Die!
06/20/94 Network World Network automation can be risky business
05/09/94 Network World Consolidating point of contact will simplify net users' lives
Spring '94 CAPHERD Journal Technology and Physical Education
02/14/94 Network World Network R&D groups
02/14/94 Network World Rebuild Los Angeles with telecommuting

12/06/93 Infoworld Companies need to invest in training to reap productivity gains
12/06/93 Network World Networking: The simpler, the better
10/04/93 Network World Making LANs a bigger part of intracompany communications
10/01/93 Macworld Taming the network beast
08/02/93 Network World Novell: Make CNE more affordable
07/01/93 Macworld UK Building an Expandable Network
06/21/93 Infoworld Bringing the Macintosh into the corporate LAN
06/01/93 Computerworld Sizing up superstores
05/17/93 Infoworld Catastrophes can't cripple companies that have a strong disaster plan
04/12/93 Network World Telecommuting will require change in mgmt.
3/8/93 Network World Modem communication must become easier to realize their potential
03/01/93 Macworld Building an expandable network
01/18/93 Infoworld Technology groups are a needed step back to central IS management
01/18/93 Network World Dreaming of global nets and intimate computing
01/15/93 Datamation How can we manage this micro mess?

12/14/92 Infoworld It's been a good year but there are still some blessings left to wish for
11/30/92 PC Week Multi-platform leapfrog software serves no one
11/23/92 Network World Make time to administer that ounce of prevention
10/12/92 Network World Take the do-it-yourself approach to building LAN applications
10/05/92 Infoworld Colleges and companies must alter strategies for the changed job market
08/24/92 Network World Network managers in need of resource management tools
08/17/92 Infoworld It's time to fling the floppy and cooperate on new technology
07/06/92 Network Worl Users themselves can be a good support resource
05/11/92 Network World LAN managers revert to typical mainframe habits
04/06/92 Network World Don't throw out the mainframe, integrate it!
01/27/92 Network World LAN Management on a Budget
01/06/92 Network World File sharing can be a security nightmare

12/23/91 PC Week Software Makers Need to Consider Multiple Platforms
10/07/91 Network World Documentation, training shouldn't be afterthoughts
08/26/91 PC Week Corporate Hiring Policies Must Enter The Computer Age
08/05/91 Network World Needed: A simple way for users to manage micros
06/17/91 Network World Colleges should develop network degree programs

Computer Credible Macintosh Column

Issue Date Publication Title
04/01/96 Comptuer Credible Getting Some (Web) Space
02/01/96 Computer Credible 3 Steps Back to Get Ahead
01/01/96 Computer Credible Everything in its Place
10/01/95 Computer Credible Win 95. Mac ?
08/01/95 Computer Credible What's Inside of System 7.5
06/01/95 Computer Credible Online Etiquette
03/01/95 Computer Credible Apple Macintosh Performa Series
02/01/95 Computer Credible Your First Mac Network

Small Business Computing Column

Issue Date Publication Title
07/01/95 Small Business Gazette On the Internet? Part 1
12/01/94 Small Business Gazette Hiring Computer Literate Employees
09/01/94 Small Business Gazette Pay to Play
06/01/94 Small Business Gazette Who can you turn to?
05/01/94 Small Business Gazette Surviving the Nightmares
03/01/94 Small Business Gazette Watching those books!
01/01/94 Small Business Gazette Guidelines for buying an office computer
11/01/93 Small Business Gazette Regular computer care keeps a valuable tool happy
10/01/93 Small Business Gazette Tracking your customers

Set Startup Column

Issue Date Publication Title
12/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... The End of an Era
11/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... The winds of change affect us all
10/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... No Trespassing
09/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... Save your stuff
08/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... Staying in Style
07/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... Working Well
06/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... Online Etiquette: The Online Emily Post
05/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... Skeletons in your closet
04/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... Software Top Five
03/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... New Kids on the Block
02/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... Stationary makes a comeback in System 7
01/01/93 MacDigest Set Startup... Is it time to upgrade?

12/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... Auld Lang Syne '92
11/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... Database Design 101
10/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... Choosing the Right Printer
09/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... Putting the squeeze on files
08/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... Children and Computers: Activities
07/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... Kids and Computers
06/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... I hear something coming
05/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... Closing the great divide
04/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... Choosing the right tool
03/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... Can We Talk?
02/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... Items of Note
01/01/92 MacDigest Set Startup... Get What You Need

12/01/91 MacDigest Set Startup... Resolutions
11/01/91 MacDigest Set Startup... Manual Adjustment
10/01/91 MacDigest Set Startup... Mac Mysteries #1
09/01/91 MacDigest Set Startup... One Step Back, Two Steps Ahead
08/01/91 MacDigest Set Startup... Those Disk Full, Out of Memory Blues
07/01/91 MacDigest Set Startup... (Disk) Driving You Crazy
06/01/91 MacDigest Set Startup... Pioneers
05/01/91 MacDigest Set Startup... Housecleaning! The Inside
04/01/91 MacDigest Set Startup... Housecleaning! The Outside
03/15/91 MacDigest Set Startup... Playing Around
02/15/91 MacDigest Set Startup... Ask the Experts!
01/15/91 MacDigest Set Startup... Save That Screen


Issue Date Publication Title
11/01/92 Dance of the Iguana Fear
07/01/92 Verve I miss the soft falling snow
05/15/92 Dance of the Iguana One Wish
03/01/92 LOS The Fallen
02/15/92 Dance of the Iguana Nexus