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Others might treat their students like "Dummies" or "Idiots" but I believe that everyone can use computers and other technology to better their work and their life. A computer can be the most useful tool in the world and I believe everyone should have the right to use this tool. Using a computer seems difficult only because others have told us it is difficult. Computers can open up entire new worlds and I can be your guide.

I can assist you in learning about dozens of areas, including browsing and searching the World Wide Web and other Internet content -- installing, maintaining and troubleshootingWindows & Macintosh Systems -- installing and using Palm-based handheld computers and software -- designing and installing networks for home and small office environments including the sharing of high-speed Internet connections -- training in personal productivity software such as Microsoft Office, Quicken, Quickbooks -- installation and training in the use of digital cameras to save your family's memories -- and much more!

If you are just starting out with your first computer, or frustrated with your current system, I can help sort out the problems and help you to turn your frustration into productivity. Start getting the most out of your computer today.

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