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February 2000

Multiple Confusion

Playing around

What is...My Computer

Myth of the Upgradable Computer

January 2000



What's an ISP?

Beyond the hype

December 1999

To be or not to http://

Slow and Steady wins the computer upgrade race

Where's your backup?

Smart Technology Toy Buying

November 1999

Buying Online

Stop the Hoaxes

Email on the road

All this for free


October 1999

Rules for buying a computer

Searching them out

The tech support you deserve

Getting it all together

September 1999

August 1999

August 30, 1999

Douglas E. Welch is a freelance writer and computer consultant in Van Nuys, California. He also writes Career Opportunities, a weekly column on high-tech careers and A Gardener's Notebook. You can find more of Douglas' writing on his web page at:

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