On the Trail: Farewell Bend, Huntington, Oregon

America is full of history and the Oregon Trail is one large part of that history. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be highlighting a site, park or visitor center dedicated to helping us learn more about the Oregon Trail.

Farewell Bend Park

Farewell Bend Scenery

23751 U.S. 30 Business, Huntington, OR 97907

A friend, fellow blogger and great photographer, of my husband Douglas, Mike McBride was driving across America this summer and posted these shots along the Oregon Trail. You can find more scenic photographs by Mike using the links below. Just one of the many scenes along the 2,000 mile Oregon Trail.

Farewell Bend and the Oregon Trail

After following the Snake River for 330 miles, Oregon Trail pioneers rested above the bend in the river here, then bid farewell to the Snake River and continued their trek. Look for a small iron cross, visible from U.S. 30, that marks the location where the Snake River Shoshone Indians battled with pioneer travelers in 1860. ¬†Restored covered wagons rest at the park entrance and next to the Oregon Trail kiosk. ¬†You can also visit the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center on Flagstaff Hill just east of Baker City, no more than an hour’s drive away.

Farewell Bend State Recreation Area web site

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