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Friday, March 29, 2002

Wine Recommendation

Fetzer Vineyards 2001 Echo Ridge Gewürztraminer

CostCo or CostPlus World Market $4.99


More explanation below…

I hadn’t had any white wine in a long time, we tend to drink a lot of red with our pasta meals, so I decided to pick up a couple of bottles on my last trip to CostCo.

I wasn’t terribly selective, looking more for a variety than any particular vineyard or type of white. This is one of the bottles I picked up that day,

There are some wines that you know are going to taste wonderful simply by the smell they offer up from the glass. This is certainly one. With a small swirl the scent of lemons and citrus rose up and filled the room. The first sip brought even more citrus flavors and a residual sweetness that almost made you want to down the entire glass at once. Fight this temptation and sip. Your will be rewarded.

I served this bottle refrigerator cold and it was very refreshing. It tasted like cold spring water on a hot summer day, but with the added enjoyment of fruit, sugar and spice.

I highly recommend you pick up a few bottles if you are wine drinker. If not, this wine might just change your mind. It is approachable, fun, slightly sweet and a perfect wine for sipping on the patio as the temperatures rise. I plan on making this my summer "house wine” this year. CostCo here I come!




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