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Saturday, May 04, 2002

GoogleGazing, a Cultural Cross-section with the help of digital cameras

An interesting social experiment struck me today when I noticed that someone had been referred to my web site after searching on "DCP_0747.jpg." As some of you might recognize, this a is standard filename spit out by many Kodak digital cameras. In fact, you can replace the number with anything from 0001-9999. Other digital cameras use similar serial number schemes when storing their photos.

I then realized that, using Google's Image search, it would be possible to view a collection of these photos for each number. Using this rather random method, you can get a small cross-section of Internet culture. I call it a GoogleGazing.

The more adventurous among you could turn off Google's SafeSearch feature.

Here are a few Google links to get you started...

DCP_0747 | DCP_1234 | DCP_4321


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