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Thursday, June 20, 2002

Security Alert Overload

Ok, everyone, repeat after me....

  • I will actively ignore any and all security alerts.

  • I will go about my normal life regardless of the media and government's attempts to make me afraid of anything and everything.

  • I will not allow the media to use my fear to drive television ratings or newspaper ad rates.

  • I will not allow others to make me afraid so that they can feel better about their own fear.

Vague security alerts only exist for one reason, to allow our representatives to CYA if something, anything, ever does happen. They want to be able to say, like a bad physic hotline, "See, I told you something was going to happen!", even though they have never given us any information that would help us avoid a specific attack, in a specific place at a specific time.

It seems odd that all they are doing is promoting fear, uncertainty and doubt...just what the terrorists want.

It is important to remember that the chances of you getting hit by a bus are astronomically greater than dying in a terrorist attack. Yet, you still get in your car or cross the street nearly every day.

I know that I cannot truly live, if I find myself worrying constantly about death. Very few people can. Let's all do our best to get on with our lives and not allow others to drive us into fearing our own shadows.


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