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Saturday, July 20, 2002


Origami Festival - Pacific Asia Museum - Recap

Another wonderful day enjoying the bounty that is Los Angeles! Today we visited the Pacific Asia Museum for the first time. This was a special day, an Origami Festival, and we all had a good time. Admission was free (usually $5/person) and there were activities set up in the courtyard of this historic building in Pasadena.

Joe fell asleep as we arrived at the museum, so the adults had a bit of time to inspect the small collection in the museum proper. The museum collects artifacts from all areas of Asia and presents them in a well organized and intelligent manner. There are plenty of interpretive guides for both adults and children. The ceramics and clothing displays were quite beautiful. Even after that Joe continued to sleep, so we headed a few blocks away to a very nice bookstore, Vroman's. After a bit of browsing, and a little nosh in their well-designed cafe, we headed back to the museum.

Several activity areas were set up in the courtyard, all related to origami. The courtyard itself has many mature trees and a lovely koi pond with huge fish. Flute music provided entertainment throughout the day.

At one table you could make traditional cicada and ladybug origami, another group focused on all manner of folded hats, still another was creating cranes and other assorted animals. After checking them all out, Joe wanted to make a paper boat to float in the kiddie pool specifically provided for racing. We went through several boats in testing and finally created one last boat for the race itself. Joe was the last one to be called for the race (we were on a standby list) and only got to race because someone else didn't show up. Wouldn't you know it, he won! He blew and blew on the boat and pushed it to far end of the pool just ahead of the others. He was quite the gentleman as he ascended the steps to receive his prize of an origami kit and a first place ribbon, made using origami, as well.

Visiting the Pacific Asia Museum would be an enjoyable few hours on any day, but their Family Days add even more fun. You can find information on future events at their web site.

Pictures of our day are available in this gallery.


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