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Wednesday, January 15, 2003


CNN needs to go back to journalism school

At 10:29AM today CNN sent out the following "BREAKING NEWS" email alert,

"FBI investigating 35 vials missing from Texas Tech laboratory. City official says some vials contained bubonic plague."

Quite a fear-inspiring message, eh?

At 11:52AM, this email was sent,

"Missing vials in Texas that contained bubonic plague cultures are accounted for and there is no threat to public safety, authorities say."

This strikes me as the ultimate "Nevermind," from SNL's Emily Latella.

Rather than do the most basic research or investigation, CNN has decided to spew fear, uncertainty and doubt, like many of members of the media. CNN needs to send everyone back to journalism school so that they can figure out the difference between rumor and fact and stop spreading fear in the guide of "news."


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