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Tuesday, July 15, 2003


Produce and sell your own books on the cheap!

Did you ever have a book your wanted to share with the world? CafePress will soon have a way of doing just that, without worrying about publishing companies, printing presses or anything else.

CafePress has been providing print on demand services for T-Shirts and other merchandise for quite some time. You merely upload your artwork, perform a little online setup and you can start selling. Better still, there are no up-front costs involved. CafePress charges you a set price per piece, you set your retail price and keep the difference. CafePress handles ordering, manufacturing and delivery.

Print on demand is a new market for CafePress. You will be able to choose from 3 different types of binding and 5 different sizes of books. Prices are as follows:

Per Page Flat Binding Fee

Wire-O $0.045 $5

Saddle Stitch $0.045 $4

Perfect Bound $0.03 $7

This would allow you to produce a 200 page, perfect bound book for $13. Selling this book for $20 would generate $7/book.


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