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Thursday, August 21, 2003


Backup your Mac to your DV or Digital8 camcorder

Interesting re-purposing of your existing electronics. Being able to use a DV camcorder for backups gives me a secondary reason to buy one. I wonder what issues there might be regarding the constant use of the camcorder. I would think backups would stress the unit more than simply recording.

From the web site...

DV Backup lets you use your DV or Digital8 camcorder as a high capacity backup tape drive. Capacity is up to 10GB per hour of tape, or 15GB if LP mode is used. Each tape has a table-of-contents which allows existing backups to be restored with drag-and-drop ease. The camera is controlled by the application (including all tape positioning), no user intervention is required. Flexible levels of error protection are available to suit the backup data in question.

Via Mac Daily News


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