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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Electronic Voting Issues

Even though a report by Maryland's own election board found that Diebold Election Systems' touch-screen voting machines were "at high risk of compromise," Maryland went on to approve their use.


Maryland: E-Voting Passes Muster - Wired News

A Vote Against the Computerized Ballot - MIT Technology Review

The idiocy of such behavior boggles the mind. More and more information had been exposed about this voting system over the last month and none of it is good. Instead of making voting more secure and less prone to error, these systems seem to make it easier than ever for election officials, politicians and others to rig elections in their favor.

When you are talking about elections, you are fiddling with one of the most basic rights and responsibilities in the USA. Anything that is not secure and audit-able will simply not pass muster. New, electronic or hip doesn't mean the system is any better than past systems, and might even be worse.


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