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Friday, October 17, 2003

New Apple Software Available

This week, Apple Computer, Inc. released several new pieces of software.

The biggest news is the introduction of iTunes for Windows. This product, nearly identical to the Mac version, allows Windows users to access the new Apple Music Store where you can purchase music online for $0.99 per song. Complete albums cost around $10.

Even better, your Windows computers can now share the music from your Mac iTunes directly. All your songs and playlists automatically appear in the Windows player.

Apple also released updated versions of Mac iTunes, Quicktime and iSync. All of these are available directly from Apple using Software Update on your Macintosh. iTunes for Windows is available for download directly from Apple's web site at http://www.apple.com.

A Windows Installation Issue

I wanted to try out iTunes for Windows as soon as it was released. Unfortunately, every time I tried to install it, the installation software would hang when trying to install the latest Quicktime 6.4. After a bit of fiddling around, I found that the software for my Synaptics TouchPad was causing the problem. I had to manually quit all the processes for the Synaptics Touchpad (not easily down, look for processes starting with SynTP...), then the installer completed successfully. If you have similar issues, this might be a place to look.


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