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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Stuffit 8.0.1 Bug Fix

Aladdin Software found an error in their latest release of Stuffit. While I don't use the commercial version, Stuffit Deluxe, I am a big proponent of Stuffit Expander, their free decompression program that quickly and easily deals with all manner of compressed files that you might download from the web. Expander support ZIP files, SIT files and numerous Unix file formats.

From the web site:

Address a problem whereby Mac OS X application programs (which were stored in archives that do not support UNIX file permissions, such as .sit) cannot be run when they are expanded. After this update has been applied, StuffIt Expander (and the expansion behavior in all other components of StuffIt Deluxe) will add the UNIX execute file attribute as files are expanded. This will allow expanded Mac OS X application programs to run.


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