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~ Saturday, February 08, 2003

Recent Garden Books

Over at my other web log, A Gardener's Notebook, I am doing a review of gardening holdings at the Los Angeles Public Library system. I believe it should give a fairly good impression of what might be available at other large libraries around the country and might even give you a few items to recommend to your own local librarian. Check it out!



Saying NO to Earthlink's Total Access 2003

According to this column by Robert X. Cringley, Earthlink promises that their new Total Access software will stop pop-up ads and spam. Unfortunately, the ads are replaced by ads from Earthlink and installing the software grants rights for Earthlink to install ANY software on your computer at ANY time in the future.

As a rule, I don't recommend installing the software provided by your Internet Service Provider. Both Windows and Macintosh come with everything necessary to get started on the Internet and additional software can be easily downloaded.

I guess the rule to remember now is, beware of ISP's bearing gifts.

~ Thursday, February 06, 2003

Writers/Call for Submissions

Balanced Parenting

Balanced Parenting is a nonfiction anthology of stories by dual-career parents about how they manage to "balance" parenting, their relationship and work, while still maintaining some semblance of sanity. We are looking for true stories focusing on the joys and frustrations of parenting while working, as well as tips and tricks for keeping it all in balance. Stories should be about your experiences as a dual-parent, working couple and written in a style which is honest and open - the way you wish you could be with your friends, family and coworkers.

You can find a list of example topics at the Seal Press.

We welcome submissions from working couples of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, parents of both sexes and sexual orientations, married and unmarried couples who both work by choice or necessity. Both parents can work outside of the home, or at home, or one of each.

Balanced Parenting will be edited by writers and working mothers, Dawn Comer Jefferson and Rosanne Welch. Rosanne is a television writer and author of The Encyclopedia of Women in Aviation and Space. Dawn also writes for television and is a columnist for Africana.com, writing on issues of children, family and popular culture.

Essays should be between 2,000 and 3,000 words in length.

All articles should be submitted via email and must be both attached as a document in Microsoft Word format as well as pasted into the body of the email. Or you may submit hard copies to:

Balanced Parenting
5916 Vesper Avenue
Van Nuys, California 91411.

Previously printed articles will be considered.

Authors selected for inclusion in the anthology will receive two copies of the work direct from the publisher along with a small remuneration.

Balanced Parenting is scheduled for publication by Seal Press in March 2004.

Deadline for submission is April 11, 2003.


Career Column

Career-Op: Going with the flow
by Douglas E. Welch, ComputorEdge Magazine

As much as you and your clients might dislike the fact, computers do not last forever. Even the fastest system will seem slow after a few years of operating system upgrades and growing software requirements. It is in your best interest, and of your clientâ??s, to insure that the computer systems under your care are keeping up with userâ??s needs, while still watching the bottom line. Learning to balance computer needs against financial concerns is an important part of any high-tech career.



Dell: It's Time Floppy Drives Go Way Of The Dodo

Funny, I wrote about this way back in 1992.

Good to see computer manufacturers finally catching up. (SMILE)



Spybot - Search & Destroy

As if there weren't enough computer viruses to worry about, there is another computer evil out there, messing with your system. These programs are usually disguised as helpful or neat utilities, but when you install them they collect information about your browsing habits, open doors to automatically install other potenially harmful programs or even re-direct your Internet dial-up to expensive 900 number connections.

I recently faced 2 machines that had been "infected" with a number of these problems. My friend, Sam, over at NightsNWeekends.com told me about Spybot and its ability to clean up a number of these programs. Spybot is free and easy to use. It won't catch everything that might be out there, but it is certainly worth your while to download and run it.

~ Tuesday, February 04, 2003


Cherry Trees at Lake Balboa

While they aren't blooming yet, the cherry trees at Lake Balboa in Encino, will soon be showing their vibrant and colors. Due to the recent warm temperatures, I expect to see blossoms within the next two weeks. The park is absolutely gorgeous during the bloom, and is almost unrecognizable to a regular visitor.

Click on the picture for some photos of the 2001 bloom.

There are also more pictuures here.




For those of you with an interest in art, this new web site caught my interest today. It has a ton of links to other art sits and feature stories of its own. Tune into the art world today with artdaily.com.

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