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Friday, August 13, 2004

LABlogs.com Weekly Insight #2

LABlogs.com is a collection of posts from a wide variety of LA Bloggers which deal with the city we all live in. Jonah, the proprietor, has started a weekly “Insight” series, where he questions the local bloggers about their LA thoughts, likes, dislikes and more. These are my answers to this week's questions. You can check out other bloggers on LABlogs.com.

1. Where is the last place you ate out?

Oh God. With all the great places to eat in LA, I tend to choose by convenience. Today’s lunch was Cousin’s Subs at Burbank and Van Nuys. I like them better than Subway and they are, at least, moderately more healthy than Wendy’s burgers.

2. How often do you eat out?

When I am doing a lot of computer consulting, I tend to be out and about, so I eat out more. Even at home, though, we eat out 3-4 times a week. Does Starbuck’s and other coffee places count? I frequent them more than any other food location. I stop in before a consulting call, stop in after, walk up on the weekends to drink and read….but enough about that. (SMILE)

3. Where is the place you eat most?

Lately, this has been Cousin’s, (I feel so dirty admitting my fast food cravings here in front of everyone, though) For “sit down” meals, our regular places are Four ‘N 20 on Van Nuys, Nat’s Early Bite (a great mid-western-style diner that remind me of the diner in my small town) on Burbank and Antonio’s Pizza on Ventura Blvd. (yet another place that reminds me of one of my favorite places in Ohio.

4. Where do you tell your friends that they "have to try"?

My wife really likes Café Bizou on Ventura. I like the food there, as well, as it has both regular and “fru-fru” food so we can both get what something we like. I usually leave the “dining outr” recommendations to her. As a TV writer, she has had the opportunity to eat at some of the finest restaurants in town, usually on someone else’s dime.

5. What dish do they have to order when they get there?

It has been a while since we were there, so I don’t honestly remember. I do recall a great garlic mashed potatoes, though.

6. Where do you eat when money is not a concern?

As I don’t really have any fancy dining aspirations, my dining diversions usually contain themselves to the lower end of the price spectrum. I don’t have any “great restaurant” that I would like to frequent. Since I am the main cook here at the house, mainly due to my picky food choice issues, I tend to cook the fancy stuff here, rather than go out for it. Tonight, Rosanne made one of our favorites, Risotto Milanese. She even made the chicken stock that went into it and added some chicken into the risotto to change it a bit. I make all sorts of (relatively fancy) pasta dishes. Rosanne is 2nd generation Sicilian, so Italian food makes up a large part of my repertoire. I even make homemade Gnoochi and pasta, on occasion.

7. Where do you eat when money is tight?

When I am tired, usually the local places mentioned above. When not, I would rather cook for myself. Then the food is just how I like it.

8. What restaurant have you wanted to try but haven't been to yet?

I am severely unadventurous when it comes to dining out, so I don’t really have an answer for this question. When we travel, I am much more adventurous, but around town, I fall into my old ruts again.


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