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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

One Day Read: On the Run by David DiBenedetto

It doesn't happen that often, but every once-and-awhile I come across a book that I call a "One Day Read." I am never know when a book might turn into one, but after the first few pages, it is obvious that I need to clear the decks and finish the book in one sitting.

On the Run: An Angler's Journey Down the Striper Coast is my most recent "One Day Read". David DiBenedetto tells the the story of the annual migration of striped bass from Maine to the Carolinas. He tells this through the people he meets along the way, along with his own stories of fishing for "striper" throughout his life.

While I haven't been an avid fisherman since my childhood days, I love reading about people and their experiences. DiBenedetto is a good storyteller and develops a great balance between his own stories and those of others. If you want to take yourself away from your daily life, and immerse yourself in another culture, pick up One The Run, settle into a nice easy chair and follow the stripers down the coast.


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