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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Back it up!

This article is from this month's issue of the WelchWrite Newsletter. I am posting it here for those of you who might not be on that mailing list. -- Douglas

Too many of us (myself included) do not backup our data frequently enough, if at all so I have decided to name September 2004 Back it up! Month.

Letís get together this month and work towards remedying this problem.
The simple fact is performing even a simple backup can seem like an overly complicated task. There are many individual steps involved and written directions on how to backup can intimidate almost anyone, let alone someone new to computers.

Yet, performing a backup isnít that difficult, if you have the right instruction. I believe that a quick demonstration, along with a document describing the process, can provide all of us with some much needed backup protection.

While there are many ways to make backups easier and more automatic, this initiative isnít about that. Instead, I am focused on creating a down-and-dirty, manually processed, ďget-it-doneĒ backup that provides you some modicum of protection should you have issues with your computer. You can always re-install MS Windows and your application software from their original disks, but your data could be gone forever. Letís make sure this never happens to you.

Once we have established some basic backup peace of mind, we will have the opportunity and the time to research more advanced alternatives.


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