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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Web/Audio: Whole Wheat Radio

If you are looking for a source of great independent music, you need look no farther than Whole Wheat Radio.

This Internet "web-cast" features thousands of songs by independent musicians in all genres, styles and moods. Throughout the day "EJ's" (electronic DJ's) program the music according to a preset schedule. At any time, however, listeners can request songs that fit the current show's genre or guidelines, over-riding the EJ's and programming the show for themselves.

The EJ's announce various songs, horoscopes, updated blog entries and more throughout the show, but between the songs. Additionally, the interactive chat room allows listeners to comment and talk amongst themselves while listening to the music.

Years ago, Rosanne and I had a neighborhood hangout called the Iguana Cafe in North Hollywood. Since we moved out of NoHo years ago, and the sad passing of the club, we have been looking for a similar hangout. Whole Wheat Radio has helped to fill some of that void.

It's funky. It's Odd. It's Music. It's Fun!


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