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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Audio: Where'd All That Spam Come From? -- John Draper

The link below takes you to an MP3 audio file of this talk, hosted by John Draper (also famous/infamous as the hacker Captain Crunch). The talk was held at the "The Fifth Hope Conference: Hackers on Planet Earth" held July 9-11, 2004.

While there is some highly technical talk involved, it also provides an excellent overview of "Where'd all that SPAM Come From?" If you have ever been interested in the "How & Why" of SPAM, take a listen.

I will be highlighting a few other sessions here, as I listen my way through them.

Where'd All That Spam Come From? -- John Draper - MP3 Audio File (5.7 MB)

A study of the mechanisms spammers use to flood your mailbox along with what some of the work and research of SpamCrunchers have uncovered. Topics of this talk will include spam bots, spam trojans, some of the sneaky methods spammers use, how they get around filters, why none of this stuff really works anyway, and what you can do to significantly cut down on spam.


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