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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Journalisimo | Back to Analog

Another great combination of High-Tech/High-Touch, a weblog dedicated to the fine papers, pens and all things "analog" that make us feel good whenever we use them. Journalisimo

From the web site...


This weblog is an attempt to invite a return to analog. Many of us live very digital lives. We push pixels around screens. Our lives are stored as bits on shiny hard drives. Our words and images can be published online, available moments later, all around the world. But this digital life can often seem very shallow.

While we recognize the power of our digital existence, we long for the tactile feel of ink on paper. We celebrate the freedom from power supplies, batteries, wireless networks and fragile electronics. We seek to elevate the written word and the freehand sketch on fine paper. We celebrate the journal as the optimal analog device for expression and enjoyment.

Check out Journalisimo


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