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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Aboretum Releases Free Mac Audio/Video/Text Editor

If you are looking for a replacement for Apple's Free iMovie editor, or something less expensive than Final Cut Pro, this might be worth checking out. I am going to download it today and spend some time playing around with it. Maybe I could release some "video blog" entries in the future? Hmmm....

Aboretum Releases Free Mac Audio/Video/Text Editor
Aboretum Releases Free Mac Audio/Video/Text Editor. Arboretum has decided to release their (previously commercial) audio, video, and text editor, HyperEngine-AV as a free, open-source program. HyperEngine-AV's free-form document window, lets you quickly and easily combine video, photo, audio and text media for the creation of full dv quality slide shows, family movies, corporate presentations or your own feature films. [unmediated]


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