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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Insect Photography

Once some photographer gave me a secret to great photos (get closer!) I started to take more and more close-ups. Unfortunately, without a decent camera, macro photography is a hit or miss proposition. These photos, recommended by Boing Boing, point up the best, naturalistic insect photography I have ever seen. No flash. No tripod. Just letting the insects do their thing and trying to capture them on film. Any more sites like this and I just might have to splurge on that "prosumer" digital camera with a decent macro lens.

Insect photos in naturalistic macro-focus

Cory Doctorow

...taken his camera to his Michigan backyard to shoot intense, macro-focused pictures of insects walking on leaves and twigs, using natural light, without a tripod. These shots were compiled over two and a half years by Rick, who crouches patiently and silently in his garden, waiting for the insects to strike the perfect pose before he hits the shutter. I spent half an hour today looking at printouts of these and giving out involuntary exclamations of surprise and delight.

(Via Boing Boing.)


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