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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Quiet lately...

I realize that things have been a bit quiet lately, so I thought I would give you a hint of what is happening here. I am currently involved with assisting a friend in installing some POS (Point of Sale) software for the restaurant he is opening. This has become a bit of a nightmare. We have run into difficult to install software that doesn't understand USB printers and a host of other "gotchas". It is extremely frustrating and sucking up entirely too much of my time, but I am sure we shall overcome eventually. You just need to keep plugging away.

Secondly, I have been getting more and more involved in the daily operations of the Tech Podcast Network. I recently took on the task of wrangling the increasing number of requests for membership in the group, so this has been taking a bit of time in the evenings and other times when I am not out working in the field.

So, there is a little "catch-up" on my part. I hope your days are productive and, more importantly, fun!


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