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Thursday, July 07, 2005

When sketching, Slow=Know

This is a nice, little treatise on how to approach sketching. Don't rush. Don't over analyze. Just do it!


Think less. Draw more.

When you draw a thing, see it just as that. Not a head, not perspective, not crosshatching, just pure observation as if you've never seen it before. The more preconceptions you bring to the drawing, the shittier it will be.

Clear your mind, and start drawing what you see. Start anywhere. I tend to start in the upper left hand corner because I am right handed. I move across observing, recording, until I get to the lower left hand corner. Then I am done. [Continued]

(Via Everyday Matters.)


At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Todd Bruno said...

It has been found (drawing with right side of brain) that children under the age of 5 draw more accuratly then over.
they start using symbols to represent things, instead of drawing what they see.
young children will draw a car tire in forshorten perspective.
Older will draw a circle.
So the secret is to draw want to see, not what you think you see.


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