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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hey guys, look at me!! I'm on a podcast!!

In today's edition of the Typical PC User Podcast with Victor Cajiao, I do a segment on troubleshooting your DSL or cable modem connection to the Internet.

Whenever my clients have trouble with their connections, it can lead to extra work for everyone involved. This is my method for keeping everything in perspective.

TPCU55-09-24-2005 DSL Troubleshootng, Geek Gadget Show and Tell, Wireless tips, and Favorite Firefox Extensions and Plugins

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Douglas E. Welch on DSL Trouble Shooting
Career Opportunities The High-Tech Career Handbook Listener Cate gives us her favorite Fire Fox Extensions and Plugins
World Wide Words
Common plugins, including common search plugins
Many more Fire Fox plugins
Wikipedia definition of PluginsGeek Gadget Show and Tell (with Victor and George).

Three of the four featured on this show were provied by listener Sal. Why don’t you send me your favorite gadget links at typicalpcuser@gmail.com

Big Brother is watching
Talk about your USB Magma
One Smart Extension Cord
Doze No More

(Via Typical PC User Podcast.)


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