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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

WelchWrite Holiday Gift Guide #2 - Apple Mac Mini

This is the machine I am looking at to replace my current PowerMac G4/450. I have so many program running at once these days and I am severely over-taxing its processor. The Mac Mini makes a good replacement as it is powerful, yet inexpensive and allows me to re-use my current monitor, ketboard and mouse. If you are replacing a older iMac, you would probably want to look at the iMacs, but for an exisiting "tower" system, this fits my needs exactly.

Of course, if I had the money available, I would probably move up to a high-end Mac Powerbook and use it as my only machine. As free Wi-Fi becomes more and more available around Los Angeles, carrying a laptop makes more and more sense. Of course, the price difference between a Mac Mini and a Powerbook have made my decision for me at this point. I need a new computer, but I simply can't afford the ~$2000 price tag at this time.

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