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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Holiday Gift Guide #24 - The Complete Book of Spirits

All work and no play makes Douglas a dull boy. Hence today's gift suggestion for the imbiber in your life.

"The Complete Book of Spirits: A Guide to Their History, Production and Enjoyment," is like a cocktail recipe for a classic cocktail, like the Martini or the Margarita:

Take one book
2 ounces of history
1 ounce of science
a dash of interesting stories
and a splash of tasting advice
Shake or stir, with ice or without.
Pour into 324 pages

These are the true ingredients of, "The Complete Book of Spirits."

Interestingly, though, the focus is not the famous cocktails we know and love. Instead, they are the stories of the main ingredient itself, in all its unvarnished and underappreciated glory. For the author, spirits are something beyond the mere alcoholic punch for our cocktails. They are historical artifacts and an art form in their own right. Almost all spirits were discovered by accident, refined to the utmost degree, eventually becoming part of almost every society on the planet. "The Complete Book of Spirits," starts at the beginning and gives us an understanding of each spirit's, past, present and, possibly, future.

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Link: #24 The Complete Book of Spirits

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