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Monday, January 16, 2006

Event: SRL (Survival Research Labs) @ Fringe Exhibitions

Updated 1/21/06: After reading other posts it looks like this won't be an SRL show, but just the gallery opening itself. There will be video and static display of artifacts and robots, though. I tried calling the gallery to confirm this, but didn't receive any answer. - Douglas

I have heard a lot about this group from other blogs such as BoingBoing. I have another event nearby this Saturday, so I am going to finally go down and see what the "noise" is all about. My previous reading has warned me to be prepared with good earplugs and maybe even dust masks/respirators. I figure it is good to start the year by trying new things...and, despite the fact that SRL has been around since 1978, this is certainly a new thing for me. -- Douglas

SRL (Survival Research Labs) @ Fringe Exhibitions

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 21, from 6 - 8 PM

504 chung king court, los angeles 90012

213 613 0160

For its inaugural exhibition Fringe Exhibitions is pleased to present the work of Mark Pauline, director of Survival Research Laboratories (SRL).

This exhibition will feature the newest addition to the SRL machine family- the Sneaky Soldiers- near life sized, remote controlled army of revolutionaries. Also included in the exhibition will be large-scale documentary images, and the premier of the video from SRL's recent show in Downtown Los Angeles. This video features the first invasion of the Sneaky Soldiers. The SRL commentary on the art of war debued a Sneaky Soldier emerging from an 18-foot tall wooden Trojan horse to face danger from large-scale destructive robots enduring the pain of flame and damage through a hail of sparks and projectiles. After the fog of war was lifted from the field of battle revealing mangled wrecks of machinery, the Sneaky Soldiers were gathered to be repaired to fight again another day. Similar to a real theater of war where battle takes place, these machines and props engage in a struggle for survival. Both the machines and operators expend intense energy creating an atmosphere of immediacy and choreographed chaos. Each of the eight soldiers has an individual number and distinct battle wounds from the performance. The Sneaky Soldier has been a recurring character in many SRL performances. The new Sneaky Soldier is a major technological improvement with a steel torso enclosing a battery powered, chain driven mechanism to create a crawling action.

Link: Read more from the press release

Link: Survival Research Labs
Link: LAVoice.org Story with photos and video

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