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Friday, January 27, 2006

Video: Stardust probe re-entry

A video was recently posted on Space.com showing the re-entry of the Stardust Recovery Capsule (SRC) from a chase plane with infrared cameras. Not something you see every day, that is for sure.

You can listen to my live audioblogs of the Stardust mission as it happened in this post, Stardust 012 Short interview - 3:04 am - Live audioblog

Capsules From the Cosmos: Stardust Success Could Signal More Sample Missions
By Leonard David Senior Space Writer

When the Stardust capsule blazed its way through Earth’s atmosphere to a parachute landing in Utah earlier this month, the event was a preview of extraterrestrial attractions to come.

Scientists are elated at the Stardust collectibles—pristine specimens of interstellar dust and comet particles from deep space.

Attention is now turning toward other objects: the Moon, Mars, comets and asteroids, even Venus and Saturn’s Titan—all are appetizing targets in the celestial sweet shop of cosmic sampling. [Continue Reading]

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