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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Listening to... Brain Brew Radio

This is the fourth in a series of podcasting articles where I work my way through my list of current subscribed podcasts and let you know what I'm listening to on my computer and my iPod.

#4 Brain Brew Radio


Brain Brew Radio is about providing ideas and encouragement for helping American Revolutionaries. Brain Brew inspires your hopes through practical ideas, backed by data with a healthy dose of caffeinated encouragement & humor.

From Douglas:

I read Doug Hall's book, Jump Start Your Brain. years ago and I still refer to it regularly when trying to generate new ideas for project. When I saw that Doug had a podcast, I HAD to check it out. Doug also has several more books available including, Jump Start Your Business Brain and Jump Start Your Marketing Brain,

Whether you are looking specifically for business ideas, or just general creative ideas, it is well worth checking out the podcast, which is re-broadcast of his radio show, produced by Public Radio International.

You can check out Botar's Old Time Radio directly from the web site or subscribe using Apple's iTunes Software.

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