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Monday, August 28, 2006

Listening to... In the Trenches

This is the eighth in a series of podcasting articles where I work my way through my list of current subscribed podcasts and let you know what I'm listening to on my computer and my iPod.

#8 In the Trenches

Listen to an In The Trenches Promo

Description (from the site):

Where geeks get paid to be geeks! A podcast for Systems Administrators and IT Professionals from the perspective of a Systems Administrator.

From Douglas:

Their short description doesn't really do justice to this podcast. Kevin Devin and George Starcher are "real world" sysadmins and high-tech workers. If you want to know what is "really" going on within corporations all over the world in relation to IT, this is the podcast to which you should subscribe. In interest of full disclosure, I have been a guest on In The Trenches and they are also a fellow member of Friends in Tech. That said, I was listening long before I became a member.

You can check out In The Trenches directly from the web site or subscribe to the show using Apple's iTunes Software and this link.

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