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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Event: Frogtown Artwalk - Tomorrow Night, Nov 17

I always wish I found out about these things earlier. (Pout) I might still try to finagle a babysitter and make my way down to Frogtown. It is always great to see new areas. You wouldn't think there would be anything left to see after my 20+ years here in LA, but there are always pleasant surprises like this.

If you see my wife and I walking the neighborhood, say "Hi!"

Chicken Corner: Take me to the river/Frogtown Artwalk

Take me to the river/Frogtown Artwalk by Jenny Burman

Frogtown is named for frogs. It's the neighborhood -- also known as Elysian Valley -- that tucks between Riverside Drive in Echo Park/Silver Lake area and the Los Angeles River. It's residential and industrial, one of those margins in the city that non-participants often blink away as they drive past (in this case the 2 and 5 freeways). Though you'd have to have your eyes close these days not to notice the resurgence of green space along the river, thanks largely to the efforts of Friends of the LA River. I am writing about it at this moment because tomorrow evening there is going to be a free, self-guided tour of fourteen designers' and artists' studios and other alternative/green ventures such as Lovecraft Biofuels that have found space in the valley of the frogs. Friday, from 7 to 10 pm, doors will be open.


(Via Chicken Corner @ LA Observed.)


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