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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Elsewhere Online: How to photograph Christmas lights

Great photography advice for this time of year, but also useful if you plan on shooting neon lights, signs or any other illuminated object or building.

How to photograph Christmas lights

Photo-enthusiast blog Strobist shows you how to capture dazzling photos of Christmas-light displays.

This tutorial isn't so much about the method of nighttime shooting as it is framing your shot well and shooting your scene at the optimal time:

The problem with 98% of Christmas-lights photos is that most people wait until way too late to start shooting. After it gets completely dark, you can either have the lights properly exposed or the surroundings properly exposed. But not both.

In other words, the author recommends making the dusk-time sky as prominent as the lights themselves. You can see the impressive results for yourself.

(Via Lifehacker.)

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