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Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Gift Guide Final - Amazon Gift Certificate

by Douglas E. Welch, myword@welchwrite.com

Despite the fact that we live in the Internet Age, shipping still dictates the arrival of mail and gifts. So, we end out gift guide here, a few days before Christmas, since you can no longer expect to receive delivery before the holidays.

You can, of course, still purchase an Amazon Gift Certificate which can , since it is delivered via email, still arrive before the big day.

I hope you have enjoyed our gift guide this year. I am already collecting ideas for 2007. Please share your comments on the gift guide, or any other portion of the web site, using the comments link below.

I wish you the Best and Happiest Holiday Season! -- Douglas

More gift suggestions in the WelchWrite Store

Don't know what to give? How about an Amazon Gift Certificate!

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