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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Calder in Downtown Los Angeles - PaD 3/6/07

Finally took my "real" digital camera downtown with me today instead of relying on my camera phone. I took this shot of Alexander Calder's "Four Arches" from the balcony of the McDonald's in Wells Fargo Center on Grand Avenue. High art from low culture? You decide! (SMILE)

The sculpture sits in the courtyard of the Bank of America Plaza building on South Hope Street.

I have always enjoyed Calder's work and this one seems to have found a great setting in downtown. There is another great Calder piece, a mobile entitled "Hello Girls" (1964), installed a LACMA. This is a "mobile" as opposed to "Four Arches" which Calder referred to as a "stabile" -- an abstract construction that is completely stationary.

Link: Calder Foundation
Link: More on Calder from Wikipedia


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