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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Event Re-Cap: Free Tree Giveaway

Originally uploaded by dewelch.
As I mentioned in this announcement a few days ago, the Million Trees and Trees for a Green LA program was giving away free trees today in Sherman Oaks. I swung by to check it out on the way to the Brewery Art walk and snapped these 2 pictures.

The trees looked healthy and were more mature than I expected them to to be. I saw Magnolia, Crape Myrtle and Holly Oak (Quercus ilex). There weren't any long lines (thank goodness) and some folks had to ask twice if they were really giving trees away.

I didn't pick up a tree, as I really don't need any more trees on my property and would probably have to take something out to add anything new. Oh well. (Pout)

The location, Sherman Oaks Car Wash, was probably not the best, as the tree traffic got tied up with the car wash traffic and there wasn't really a clear in and out traffic flow or clear signage on where to park..

Overall, a great program. They just need to hold the event in a different location next time.



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