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Friday, May 25, 2007

Now that's a DOG! - PaD 5/25/07

Now that's a DOG! - PaD 5/25/07
Originally uploaded by dewelch
Our friends, Keri and Michael, have often told us that "any dog you can pick up isn't really a dog." Well, if that is true than Prozac, the wolfhound of my client, John, certainly IS a dog. Well in excess of 150 lbs, Prozac looks me in the face when I am sitting on John's computer doing my work.

That said, this dog is the sweetest animal on the planet. He acts like an overgrown puppy and hasn't so much as barked at me when I visit. I was amazed the first time I visited John and met Prozac. I have never seen another dog this large in my life. I have been meaning to share some pictures with you all, but today all the planets aligned. I had my camera with me, with an empty memory card and charged batteries, so here I present my, certainly, Picture-A-Day and perhaps the picture of the year. (SMILE)

Here are a few more photos:

Now that's a DOG! Now that's a DOG! Now that's a DOG!


At 9:55 PM, Blogger JoAnn Braheny said...

My husband's sister (Mary) has an Irish Wolfhound much like Prozac. His name is Jazz and he's HUGE too. I forget...are these dogs bred to chase elephants or what? Enjoyed your photos! JoAnn

At 1:52 PM, Blogger artlung said...

I find myself speechless at the immensity of that dog.


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