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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Event: Machine Project Workshops - Ghosts and Robots

These sound like really cool workshops, although they do cost a few dollars. I wish I had the time and money to go. -- Douglas

We have two new workshops this month involving motors and mechanisms. The first is an Animatronic Ghost Workshop this Sunday. Based on a project featured in the upcoming Halloween special edition of MAKE Magazine, you’ll be building your very own pulley-and-motor-driven ghoul to scare your neighbors with. Sunday Oct 7th, 12-4pm, $150. Limit to seven people, registration now open.


The second is a hands on workshop about robotic art with Dorkbot founder Douglas Repetto. Please join us for an introduction to the wide world of motors and mechanical systems for use in kinetic and robotic artworks. We’ll cover basic motor and solenoid types, play with examples of each type of motor and talk about which ones are suitable where. We’ll look at some basic mechanical parts and systems like shaft collars, slip rings, gears, belts, and pulleys. We’ll also talk about sourcing components, creative reuse of found materials, material selection, and building for durability. Participants will build a variety of adorable mechanisms using discarded electro-mechanical devices (printer, scanner, fax machine, blender, anything that moves!) Sunday Oct 14th (12pm-4pm) and Saturday Oct 20th (11am to 6pm). $185. Limit to ten people, registration now open


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