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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Elsewhere Online: More reason to support the WGA

Here is a really cognizant opinion (Warning: contains strong language) on the WGA Strike from a WGA member. My wife, Rosanne, is a member of the WGA, although she is not currently working on a show.

Working in new media, I can see directly how the issues decided in this work action are going to effect everyone -- old and new media alike. As I have often said, content creators deserve appropriate compensation for their work. At its very base, this means than when money made with their content, they should receive a portion of that money. It is as simple as that.

More reason to support the WGA


Below is an email post from Micah Wright, posted on the WriterAction (WGA-only board). He's granted his written permission to "spread it like the plague."

I wrote this yesterday but forgot to publish it (ironic?) - so here it is now. Long, but very much worth reading.

(FYI, to set the scene, the tone of Micah's intro is in response to another WA poster unhappy with the leadership).

Well this is ONE angry Horad that's confused about your stance. The AMPTP clearly never intends to pay us one single cent for internet delivery. The music business model clearly indicates that internet delivery for most, if not all content is the future. What then were we supposed to do when faced with rollbacks and refusals to bargain in good faith? Pray? Or just swallow the bullshit they were trying to shove down our throats, and forget about not only what we're making, but also what every person who ever follows us into this union will ever make?


(Via Blogging.LA.)


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