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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Walking Van Nuys 001*

Updated: So this post got me to thinking. How hard would it be, and how enlightening to walk (or bike) every street in Van Nuys? I plan on doing as much as I can myself, but this would also be a great group project. Everybody walks their streets and then does a blog post on what they saw there, takes some pictures, etc.

I have set up a Google Map and started putting my own recent walks on it. I figured I wouldn't go back any further than March '08 so that I can really say I "looked" at the place I was walking.

Anyone want to join in on this little exercise? (ok, ok, bad pun) Drop me a line!

View Larger Map

Along with my daily exercise regime, I decided to make today's walk a photowalk as well. A friend's project to document and geo-locate interesting locations in his northern California town gave me the idea to start documenting some of the locations I pass on a daily basis.

If you visit these photos on Flickr, you will find they are linked to their location using Flickr's map feature. Please feel free to add tags and notes to increase the usefulness of these photos.

Link to Flickr Photo Set

Explore the Map


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