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Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Word with Douglas E. Welch: What I'm Reading...Understanding Kanji Characters by Their Ancestral Forms by PIng-gam Go

I've been watching a lot of anime with my son lately and this got me wondering about the kanji I see within the show itself. Sometimes, they do translate these phrases, but in other cases, you are left on your own. So, I have started to request some books on Kanji from the library to see if I can translate some of it myself.

Soon after picking up this book, we were watching an episode of Naruto where prisoners have escaped. I was so pleased to realize that I could read the kanji on the back of their uniforms. In this case, as you might expect, they were prisoner numbers, so it was a really basic translation, but after only a few minutes with the book I opened up a new language. Very cool!

More Kanji books coming!

Understanding Kanji Characters by Their Ancestral Forms by PIng-gam Go


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