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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Limoncello starts its 1 month aging

My batch of limoncello (Italian Lemon Liqueur) has finished it's 2 weeks of steeping, so today I made up a large batch of simple syrup (basically a highly concentrated sugar water), strained out the lemon peels (which had given everything they could) and mixed everything back together to age for about another month.

We will sample some a little bit early during our annual Christmas Party and some folks may get some as gifts, if I can bear to let go of it.

I took a small taste after I mixed it and it is already phenomenal. Some aging, and chilling it down to near freezing, should make it almost perfect. Yum!

The Pandoro cake lurking in the background will be sliced, brushed with limoncello, and then each layer will be filled with limoncello whipped cream as a special treat for the holidays.


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