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Friday, May 17, 2002

NPR on Blogging -- RealAudio Link

My friend, Jo Ann, emailed this interesting NPR link about blogging. I will let her describe it in her own words.

(Warning: This is RealAudio link. You will need RealPlayer to listen.)

Jo Ann says...

I heard a cool 5-minute segment on NPR this morning about the phenomena of
"the blog."

This link will take you there.

If not, look at NPR, Search on the word "Blog." The segment title is Linguist Geoff Nunberg

It's a 5-minute real-audio clip on "Fresh Air" -- he talks about the history
of journaling and how, because of blogs, it suddenly has become 'democratic'
in that we all can peak inside each other's daily diaries/thoughts, etc.

I do love the new term "over-sharing" for those people who can't resist
telling you every single detail of their life, i.e., "My coffee is too
strong, I can't find my hairbrush, etc."


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