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~ Friday, June 07, 2002

Summer Solstice Celebration at the LA Natural History Museum

Sunday, June 23 at 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Free with Museum admission

From the NHM web site...

Celebrate the summer solstice, and the cultures and science featured in the Voyages of Discovery and Endurance exhibits. Hear live world music including the Panacea Steel Drum Band, Brazilian drumming and dance from the Viver Brasil dance company, live Australian digeridoo music, and Polynesian music and dance. Enjoy storytelling, craft activities, free tours of the featured exhibits, and presentations on the scientific voyages that changed the way we view our world.

Ojai Family Festival

Date: June 22, 2002
Time: 10:30am
Phone: 640.4300 ext 346

A celebration of families & young children. Live music, vendors, activities & information. Free Admission! For information call 640.4300 ext 346

Location: Libbey Park

Art Ojai Summer Stroll

Date: June 22, 2002
Time: 12-9pm
Phone: 805.646.1525

Downtown shops, galleries, restaurants feature local artists, art demostrations, and live music. Location: Downtown Ojai

~ Thursday, June 06, 2002

Followup - NY State Education Department restores unrevised text

As mentioned earlier this week, the NY State Education Department has decided to restore the previously edited texts from famous authors that theywere using in their standardized tests.

It seems that someone there was someone capable of seeing the absurdity of this, even if it did take a few kicks to the seat of their pants to realize it.


Heavens-Above - Satellite Tracking

Did you ever wander just what was sweeping by above your head as you sit sipping your iced tea on a summer night? Heavens Above is the place to find out.

Once you select your position on the globe, this web site will show you what satellites and space stations might be passing overhead. Using the detailed charts, you can even watch for them as they pass by. You can also get information on the more traditional star gazing targets, including a map of the sky at your current location and time.


Macintouch Reader Report: Office v.X

My old favorite, Macintouch.com, is tracking user comments regarding the latest MS Office v.X update from Microsoft. If your update didn't go smoothly, this may be the best place to find some answers.

There is also a section on the Mac OS X 10.1.5 update issued by Apple 2 days ago.

~ Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Mac OS X - 10.1.5 Update

This is the latest, greatest software update from Apple for Mac OS X. You can download and install this update by choosing Software Update from your System Preferences dock item.

I installed it about 1 hour ago and all seems to be fine. I haven't noticed any big changes in speed or features, but only time will tell.

From Apple.com...

Update 10.1.5 delivers enhancements which improve the reliability of Mac OS X applications, improved networking, security, support for PC Card serial communication devices as well as expanded peripheral device support. Specific improvements include: Peripheral Device Support - Expanded support for new Canon digital cameras. - Improved support for Nikon FireWire cameras. - Expanded support for SmartDisk, EZQuest and LaCie disc recording devices. - Improved support for MO drives. Application Improvements - Increased stability of Mail and Sherlock. - Emails are properly retained when rebuilding the Draft mailbox. - Support for 2D and QuickTime hardware acceleration for Rage Pro. - Updated Carbon applications can use Quartz anti-aliasing technology for high quality text display.

Networking and Security - Improves networking via AFP when accessing multi-level directories on Windows NT file servers. - Significant improvement to file searching on local and remote volumes. - Includes a generic PC Card driver to support a variety of PC Card modems. - Mail accounts go offline to indicate that SSL encryption settings are not supported by mail server. - Includes the Security Update April 2002.

WebDAV - More efficient iDisk mounting and file navigation. - Added support for connecting to iDisk using default DNS settings of AirPort. - Support for mounting a WebDAV volume from a non-standard http port.

Asian Language - Significant updates to the Korean Input Method, especially important when using AppleWorks. - Internet Connect and AirPort applications updated with Chinese and Korean localized content.


What I'm reading...

I often find myself reading many books at the same time, bouncing from one to the other as the mood strikes me. Here is what I am carrying around in my book bag today.

cover Work 2.0: Rewriting the Contract

cover The Dot-Com Decision

cover Discover Your Genius: How to Think Like...

coverDr. Nightingale Meets Puss in Boots

cover A Year by the Sea: Thoughts of an...

cover The All-American Cookie Book

~ Monday, June 03, 2002

MS Office v.X -- Service Release 1

There is a new update for MS Office v.X that encompasses both previous updates and a host of new ones. You can download the update (11 MB) from Microsoft's web site at the link above.

I just installed the update and am experiencing no ill effects, but you might want to check out Macintouch.com for comments from other Office users before installing.

Via Macintouch and D. Harlow

~ Sunday, June 02, 2002

NY State Education Department -- Leave the words alone!

A recent New York Times article, "The Elderly Man and the Sea? Test Sanitizes Literary Texts" notes how the New York State Education Department took it upon themselves to sanitize literary excerpts used in standardized tests.

Authors who suffered the editing including Annie Dillard, Anton Chekov, and Isaac Bashevis Singer. In the most ludicrous example, Singer's work is stripped of any mention of Judaism, one of his major themes.

My thoughts? First, if the Education Board feels they must gut the work of these authors in order to include them in the tests, why are they using these authors at all. They can use excerpts from other textbooks if they are so offended by the writing.

Second, how many times do writers have to stand up and scream to petty bureaucrats

"LEAVE THE WORK (and the words) ALONE!!!"

Read the work if you like it. Leave it alone, if you don't. Don't presume that you know better than the author of the work. Writer's don't come in and repaint your kitchen to another color because they don't like it. Do NOT presume to re-write the words of recognized experts in their field... for ANY reason. Take or leave it, but do not change it.


A Visit to the Slim Gauge Guild Model Railroad Club

Today we headed off to Pasadena to check out the club's Open House. They open up their layout to the public twice each year, in June and November. There is still a chance to check it out, though. The Open Houes continues this Tuesday, June 4th, from 6 pm to 10 pm.

The Slim Gauge Guild is housed in the basement of the China Factory office building at 300 S. Raymond Street in Pasadena. After you view the trains, it is an easy walk to Old Towne Pasadena to have a snack or dinner. We had an excellent lunch at the Crown City Brewery which is located in the same building as the club.

Click here for Picture Gallery

The club's space is around 2000 square feet and encompasses many interlocking train layouts. The layouts are exquisitely designed and decorated. In some cases, they replicate actual locations along the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and the Rio Grande Southern. The club members have a wide variety of rolling stock including detailed engines, box cars and passenger coaches. There were 4-5 trains running nearly all the time during the open house.

We all had a grand time, especially Joseph, There is a certain inherent fascination with model trains and the Slim Gauge Guild certainly catches and holds your attention. The club members were fun and engaging and always willing to discuss both their trains and the history behind the Denver and Ro Grande railroad. This is a wonderful (and FREE) event that can be equally enjoyed by both children and adults.

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