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Friday, June 18, 2004

Are IT Certifications meaningless?

I often find myself pondering this issue as I write about high-tech career issues. The fact that I carry no certifications probably gives you some idea what I think, though. I would be interested in hearing how certifications have helped you...or not, in your career.

This SlashDot discussion should bring out some interesting points.


At 2:14 AM, Blogger Infinity said...

1st .. I would like to add to your knowledge that I am an Indian Computer Engineer working in an IT giant in India itself.
I also believe that IT certifications are of no good, when it comes to the ability of thinking in IT.
BEsides my engineering degree , I also have a CCNA certification which i did just out of curiosity for networks.
But the way the certifications are held and the content which they adher to , is not the stuff that can make you a force to reckon with.
My certifications are nowhere now as i am working on Java et al right now.Though these certifications can get you the first job , in the least cases, but they stand nowhere when you think of a long run.
There are people who are adding on to their certifications throughout their lives but do not a sense of how the basic systems work.
At times I have met people who know all about their certifications but do not an iota of knowledge about any other domain.
It feels ridiculous at times when MS and all bring about new certifications in the market and people knowingly or unknowlingly go for these certifications with a hope tat they will become experts after these certifications.
Thanks ,


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