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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Alsoft - DiskWarrior - Macintosh Disk Repair

Alsoft - DiskWarrior

Years ago, I used to carry a large pack of software to every computer-client appointment. Norton Disk Doctor and other software seemed to be constantly needed in order to repair and recover hard disk gone bad.

Recently, though, I noticed that I didn't need to carry much at all. It was a rare occcasion when the built-in Mac OS X Disk Utility couldn't correct minor problems with a har disk.

Almost as if I had jinxed my own luck, I have hard disk problems with 3 computers over the last week. Two were client machines and one was my own workhorse PowerMac G4/450. All of them developed problems that couldn't be fixed by normal methods.

I had heard of Alsoft's Disk Warrior product before, but when Apple's own support experts recommended it, I immediately got a copy. Sure enough, Disk Warrior was able to correct the hard disk problems on the machines, saving me a complete reformat and rebuild of the systems.

On a fast Macintosh, Disk Warrior does its work quickly and cleanly. My G4/450, though, is slower and also had overlapped files. This meant the software had to run over 24 hours in order to correct the issues. This is certainly not typical, but if you use Disk Warrior you should be aware that it can take a long time to complete, but will still be able to correct most problems.


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