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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Windows Security Center Hole in SP2 Discovered

Windows Security Center Hole in SP2 Discovered

While I must say that new bugs in SP2 are really no surprise, a bug in one of the new security components, a main feature of SP2, is absolutely inexcusable. If you are trying to make things more secure, you think that this would be the one place they would focus their attention.

We are now left with only 2 possible scenarios here. Windows has become totally unwieldy and impossible to maintain or the MS programmers are idiots. Since the programmers seem to be able to develop some fairly complex software, I am going to guess that the sheer burden of the Windows code has become unworkable, regardless of how many programmers you throw at the issue.

I don't know whether Microsoft has realized it yet, but SP2 might just be the beginning of the end. Every company has an Achilles heel and this could Microsoft's. Public opinion, both inside and outside of the high-tech world is rapidly turning against them. Too many flaws in SP2 might be enough to finally convince companies and individuals to look for alternatives.

This market is Microsoft's to win or lose and it seems like they are doing everything they can to lose...in a big way!


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