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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Let it snow!

Los Angeles after some grand climatic clamity?!?!? No, it is merely the view from our friends house here in Bedford, Ohio. We are spending the holidays back on our old stomping grounds and Mother Nature delivered 12+ inches of soft, white powder directly into our laps.

We are remembering how different it was living in Ohio year-round, with large coats, hats, snow pants and boots. In preparation for your trip to New London (my hometown) tomorrow, I brushed all the snow off the rental car and ended up covered in snow from head to foot.

Joe is loving the snow play and even got to go sledding yesterday at another friends house.

I realize now that after 18.5 years away from these Winters, it is very unlikely I would ever choose to move back. I have been softened by LA's climate, even if hardened by the city itself.

Off now for nice warm cup of coffee!

Be well!


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